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Pink and Orange Sunrise Gold Pippi Dangly Earrings

Marbelle Design

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Pink and Orange Sunrise Gold Pippi Dangly Earrings

These gorgeous Pippi earrings are extra special with sunrise pink and gold resin encasing dried lichen.  They are hung on handcrafted Argentium Silver hooks.

Made in my home studio, these earrings are poured, sanded and buffed by my own hands. The Argentium Silver hooks are low tarnish and sit balanced and comfortably in the ear. 

Being handmade no two pairs are quite the same, even sets made in the same batch will differ in shade and swirly patterniness. You may see bubbles or indents which are a result of the making process which adds to the handcrafted uniqueness of your pair of earrings.

Size: approximately 21mm x 37mm, total drop approximately 60mm.

Material: Eco Resin, Dye, Metallic Foil, Argentium Silver


If my resin surface needs a clean, a scrub with a soft damp toothbrush and a little soap will do the trick followed by a buff with some hand moisturiser to restore my sheen.

My ear wires are low tarnish and should stay bright and shiny without a need to polish. 

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